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Jaipur offers a large variety of hotels and guesthouses, which can make it hard to pick. However, we are certain that we have found the best one: Pearl Palace Heritage Boutique Hotel.  This lovely hotel is not only extremely beautiful, with it’s hand-crafted artwork in the passageways and amazing details in each room. It’s also a very interesting hotel, as each room has their own theme. We were extremely lucky to be able to test out one of their rooms, and take a quick peek at two other rooms.

If you’re planning on going to Jaipur, look no further and go to this romantic and gorgeous boutique hotel. It’s the #1 most Romantic Hotel in India according to TripAdvisor and according to us, the shooting location for The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and it’s not even expensive. Really. The prices vary between 2800 and 2990 rupees (+9% tax) per night, which is about 40 USD $/€ per night.

Even though the hotel isn’t expensive, you will feel like royalty because of the beauty of the rooms, and you will get treated like royalty by the staff members. We want to give special thanks to Paresh, who was behind the reception during our stay, as he was truly the friendliest person we have met in India so far.

Keep on scrolling for photos and more information about this unique hotel.

Pearl Palace Heritage Boutique Hotel

The Lobby and Hallways

Before we get to the amazing rooms in this hotel, we want to quickly show you around the amazing lobby and hallways. From the moment that Uber dropped us off at the main entrance of the hotel, we were completely sold. But then we set foot in the hotel and it only got better.

Every inch of this hotel is covered in artwork. It’s truly breathtaking. We found it hard to decide where to look. Now that I’m writing this blogpost, I’m actually regretting not taking more photos to show you every single part of this hotel.

The lobby is the first thing you see from the inside of the hotel, and it makes you want to see more. Every inch of the wall is covered in detailed decorations, framed photos and paintings. We also loved the marmer floor, and little statues of elephants that were placed next to the stairs.

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The passageways are decorated with stone carvings, which gives you the feeling you are actually walking through a holy temple. It’s a bit dark in these magical hallways, giving it a mystical vibe. As you can see in the photos below, there are different carvings in each hallway.


The Rooms

Khwabgah Suite

This hotel offers nine different rooms, and each of them has a different theme and their own story. Our room was called the Khwabgah Suite, which is decorated in the style of the Khwabgah, also known as Dream Palace. The whole room is inspired by the beautiful building of the royal complex and was for the personal use of the emperor.

The real Khwabgah bedroom, known as Khilwatkada-i-Khas, was surrounded by a pillared veranda with a stone-tiled roof. It was connected to the imperial harem and Panch Mahal via a covered passage. This suite recreates that dream-like luxury, making you feel like royalty, yet without the secret harem.

We had our own little fountain. It was on one of the walls, next to the couch and dining table (I think I never had a fountain in a hotel room before). The bed looks as if it’s made for a king and queen. There is a lovely balcony where you can stand and enjoy the sunset. Furthermore, the spacious bathroom has an amazing shower and yes, is also beautiful. It’s all just beautiful – what else can I say.

Because we actually didn’t want to leave our room, we ordered room service for breakfast. They have a menu in the room, and a wide variety of choices varying between eggs and muesli with fruit.

We of course absolutely loved our room. Take a look at some of the photos we took there.


Nirvana Suite

The hotel was fully booked. However, because there were two late-check ins we could these out. One of the rooms we could check out was the Nirvana Suite. This impressive suite is decorated with sculptures to honor Buddha, and inspired by Ladakh “Land of High Passses”, which is a region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The architecture of the Nirvana Suite traces the history of mainly Buddhist religion. Buddhism has been practiced in India for the last fifteen centuries. The entire room can be considered one big artwork. The walls are completely adorned with different carvings, wall paintings and motifs. Buddha is certainly the center in the whole room, as he is proudly displayed above the bed frame.

Pearl Palace Heritage, Best Hotel in Jaipur, Where to stay in Jaipur, Things to do in Jaipur,The Nirvana Suite

Nilamber Suite

This was also such an impressive room! It’s inspired by many parts of the City Palace Museum in Udaipur. To give the feel of this art work to you, Pearl Heritage Palace had artisans from Udaipur decorate this room.

The whole room has a blue light, and on the ceiling there are perfect shaped hand cut pieces of mirror, creating a beautiful mosaic. On the ceiling there is blue lamps, creating the blue color in the whole room.

Pearl Palace Heritage, Best Hotel in Jaipur, Where to stay in Jaipur, Things to do in Jaipur,The Nirvana Suite, Nilamber Suite

The other six rooms

This hotel has six other rooms, namely: the Madhubani room, Jaisalmer Suite, Kutch Room, Jaisalmer Room, Indus Suite and Viceroy Suite. Each and every one of them has their own theme and fitting story. Be sure to check them all out at the website of Pearl Palace Heritage.

Peacock Rooftop Restaurant

Of course we also had to try out their amazing restaurant, which is on top of one of their “sister” hotels nearby. It’s actually the number one of the top 10 best restaurants in Jaipur according to TripAdvisor. And yes, it’s pretty great.

The food was delicious. It probably was the best dinner we had in a long time. I had the curry with shrimp and Jeffrey had the tandoori platter. For desert we shared, or maybe I ate it all, a brownie with ice-cream. They don’t serve alcohol, because they don’t have the license. However, we had a delicious mojito mocktail.

The ambiance is great too, with fairy lights all over the place. There was a three-man band playing traditional Indian music, which was the finishing touch. We absolutely loved it.


If you’re going to Jaipur, trust me, book a room in this hotel for at least one night just to experience it. Otherwise, at least have dinner at their amazing rooftop restaurant and book up front. It’s usually busy!

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