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Last year, October we went to Budapest for a weekend getaway. Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, has a unique atmosphere, offers an extensive nightlife, beautiful architecture and various natural thermal baths. The city is the result of the combination of the cities Buda and Pest.

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Daytime fun

Start the day by climbing up the Gellért Hill to enjoy some of the best views of Budapest. From here you can see the difference between the Buda side and the Pest side of the city, with the Danube dividing the two sides. Visit the Hungarian Parliament Building and its surroundings and learn about the Hungarian history. Afterwards, visit one of the famous thermal baths.

Thermal baths 

Budapest has a lot of relaxing spas that you can visit and is actually famous for its thermal baths, where you can swim and soak in mineral waters of different temperatures. The hot water of thermal baths is drawn from deep under the surface. We went to The Széchenyi Thermal Bath, which is one of the largest spa complexes in Europe; the spa has 18 pools and 10 saunas. Not only does this spa offer amazing medicinal natural hot spring waters and saunas, they also have steam cabins, several massage therapies, facial treatments and serene places where you can relax in hammocks or lounge sofas.  What to bring to a thermal bath? A swimsuit, flip flops and towels, and if it’s summertime; your sunglasses and sun protection. You can get a bathrobe there.


One thing that struck us in Budapest is the architecture. There is a mixture of old and modern buildings, which makes it a fascinating city. A couple buildings worth to admire are the Heroes’ Square, Parliament Building and the Museum of Fine Arts. Currently the Museum of Fine Arts is closed for renovation of the buiding until March 2018, as you can see on the website. So you can only admire it from the outside. 

Food and Drinks

When we went out for something to drink or eat, most of the time we actually used Tripadvisor. This is very convenient if you’re a bit lazy to go look for a nice place yourself. However, we stumbled upon some fun places all by ourselves as well. For instance, there was this fun cocktail bar, Rumpus TiKi Bar. This bar has all kinds of cocktails, the menu is very extensive. They were delicious, but a bit pricy for Budapest standards. What we liked most about Rumpus TiKi Bar was the interior. Just check out their website and you’ll see what you can expect. In Budapest you can also find a lot of good restaurants that are very affordable. Click here for a top ten of restaurants in Budapest and take your pick!


Budapest has some amazing clubs you can go. For instance, we went to club Instant. This club has a lot of different rooms, bars and dance floors; you won’t be bored there. We also went to a party on the boat A38. A party on a boat; always a good idea. The party we went to was a techno party, but on A38 – which stands for Artemovszk 38; the name of a ship prototype- there are many different kinds of events. Different music bands, dj’s and art exhibitions use this boat as a venue. If you’re just looking for a place to eat or drink, that is also possible at A38, as they have a bar and restaurant.



For our accommodation we rented a cute little apartment in the city center. We found it on Wimdu, which is quite similar to Airbnb. The apartment was located on Karoly Korut in a typical Hungarian IXX Century renovated building and was right in front of the Great Synagogue. The neighborhood of this location is a very popular area with many clubs, bars, ruin pubs and restaurants.

Have you ever visited Budapest? We would like to go again in the future, so any recommendations are always welcome. If you haven’t visited Budapest make sure you go there; it’s really worth it. 



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