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A few weeks ago we went on a short trip to Berlin for a four-day stay. We live in The Netherlands, so it’s possible to drive there by car – it takes about 6 hours. Thus, we thought why not a short weekend away before our big trip to Australia. We have some recommendations for Berlin based on our amazing stay in this urban beauty.


Because we have to save up a lot of money for our trip to Australia, we didn’t want to book an expensive hotel or apartment. Airbnb is so convenient to find unique accommodations for small prices. We found a room on Frankfurter Allee, a very popular street and one of the oldest roads of Berlin. We choose this apartment because it was affordable, but close to the places we wanted to see.

The apartment was perfect: the location was excellent, the building was a very impressive and massive and we even had a very friendly roommate. Yes, a roommate, because we didn’t rent a whole apartment, but just one room -which also lowers the price of the rent. The room we stayed in was from an artist from Paris, meaning there was art everywhere. We got some tips from our roommate; an Italian guy from New York. He has lived in Berlin for a few years already, so he knew a lot of fun places to go.


I love the food in Berlin! Not that it’s so different from where I come from, but it’s a lot cheaper! And there are so many amazing places to eat. You can easily get some streetfood at Warschauerstrasse or eat at some cool place just about anywhere in the city. For breakfast we found this cute bagel shop Fine Bagels, which was not particularly cheap, but the bagels were amazing. Fine Bagels is located at the Shakespeare and Sons bookshop, making it a cute combination of bagels and books in one. The tables outside were made out of drawers, and the whole interior was just great! Just check out the pictures. We had sushi at Miyaki Sushi and it was so fresh and tasty, for only 10 euros per person. Another great place for dinner is Amber, an indian restaurant at Simon-Dach-Strasse. If you are looking for a nice place to eat and want a wide range of possibilities, that street is the place to be.

We also had ice cream at Gelateria La Luna near Alexanderplatz, but I would not recommend this place. The staff was not friendly at all when one of us ate a waspyes a wasp, that was tucked into the ice cream. I mean, yeah, of course it was just silly of us letting them know that there was an insect in our food.

What to do during the day

There is a lot to do. You can go to all the tourist attractions. For instance, you can go to the Holocaust Memorial, the East Side Gallery, check out Check Point Charlie, make pictures at the Brandenburger Tor or go to Alexanderplatz and go into the 365 meter-high TV Tower. We didn’t do any of that this time. Because we’ve already visited Berlin before, we really took it easy. We did wander around East Berlin, did some record shopping at the Hard Wax Record Store, went skateboarding at Park Am Gleisdreieck -where we saw Justin Bieber showing off his skateboard moves, and had some cocktails near Warschauer Strasse.


Berlin has a lot of amazing clubs, check out this Guardian article for a top ten.

We went out two nights, on Friday and on Sunday. The club worth mentioning is Berghain, a club on the border of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. Berghain is actually considered to be one of the world’s best nightclubs, but is probably most known for the strict door policy. That was actually what made us a little hesitant to go there. But we went anyway and got in. You can always just try. A little tip, which we also got from our Italian/New York roommate: go there on sunday afternoon, most likely you don’t have to stand in a very long line. And I think your changes to get in are a lot higher. Once we were in Berghain, it was really worth it. And a bit bizarre.

All in all, our trip was short but sweet.



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