7 Travel Essentials for a trip to Japan
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Are you planning a trip to Japan? How exciting! It’s one of our favourite destinations in Asia. If you need any inspiration with packing for your trip to Japan, we got you covered. There is no need to worry, because everything you need can basically be bought in Japan. Actually, we recommend you to take as little as possible with you and shop in Japan! But, if you really need some help: in this article we list 7 Travel Essentials for a trip to Japan.

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1. Passport and Visa

Of course the most important things to take with you is your passport, visa and tickets. Every other essential we mention in this article can be bought in Japan too. Make sure your passport is valid with six months remaining before it expires. Not all nationalities require a visa, for instance we are from The Netherlands and for the time we were there (3 weeks) we didn’t need a visa.

Check out this link for more information about visa requirements in Japan.


2. Japan Guidebook

We usually use guidebooks to get inspired and even more excited about upcoming trips. But of course guidebooks can also be very useful on your trip if you’re looking for a fun day activity. There are plenty of guidebooks to choose from! Of course, you can also use our website as inspiration and check out our Japan category.

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The Independent Guide to Tokyo 2017


3. Backpack or suitcase

If you’re traveling in the cities of Japan, a suitcase with wheels will be perfect to carry around your stuff. Of course, if you’re planning on doing any hiking or treks a backpack is the best choice for you.

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Suitcase: Samsonite Luggage Winfield

Backpack women: Thule Women’s Versant Backpacking Pack, Fjord, 60 L

Backpack men: Thule Guidepost Men’s Backpacking Pack, 75-Liter, Black/Dark Shadow


4. A good daypack

Japan is huge! So even though we stayed in the city center of for instance Tokyo and Osaka, we still had to travel a lot. While we were in Japan, we mostly traveled by subway or train. And as soon as we reached our destinations, we still had to walk a lot. It’s not very convenient to carry around a heavy and big bag, so pack light and functional. In the trains and subways it can be quite crowded, so it’s better to have a small day pack with you.

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Basic Cool Backpack – Fjallraven Kanken Mini Daypack

Black Day Pack by Thule


5. Bring comfortable shoes that go off easily


In Japan you often have to take of your shoes. Think about temples where you can’t wear shoes, but even most restaurants and cafes require you to take your shoes off. Therefore, it’s useful to take shoes that come off easily. Both of us did wear sneakers, but lightweight shoes ones that don’t need to be retied after taking them off.

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Women: NIKE Women’s Juvenate Sneaker

Men: Nike Men’s Kaishi


6. World Travel Adapter

To charge your electronics, bring a world travel adapter so you can use the Japanese style plug sockets. Japan uses a two-prong plus, so if you have a third pin you will need a travel adapter. Most electronic stores in Japan sell them too, so no problem if you forget to buy one.

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Universal All in One Travel Adapter


7. Camera

Of course you want to capture your time in Japan! We recommend you to take a camera with you that is not too heavy to carry, but takes great quality pictures. We own a Nikon D3300, which is an DSLR camera that is easy to use. It even has a guide option to help you use it. Plus, it’s compact and easy to carry around!

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Nikon D3300 


We hope you find this list of 7 Travel Essentials for a trip to Japan useful. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or if you think we forgot an essential for Japan!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means we get compensation if you purchase the product, because we referred you to it. Using our referral link doesn’t cost you any extra money, but it does help us improve this website. All opinions in this article are honest and our own. 

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